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07/10/2017 1:31 pm  

The Player, which is compatible with Android devices (mainly screen-touch) was developed in response to the market.

IPTV Player is quite simply the most advanced client-end IPTV
media player solution around, which works in tandem with our unique
control management system (CMS) middleware. It combines simplicity with
functionality in providing the ultimate IPTV experience. Streaming has
never been easier with IPTVPlay.

This superb lightweight IPTV player (which is the most secure on the market) is Android Screen-touch compliant, meaning most devices of this type will
be compatible. The player is also extremly responsive, and loads quickly
and automatically. It is also AD Free, compared to most which are not.
It also recalls the last channel played. The player uses advanced
pairing technology to synchronise with your assigned control panel.

Some of the interesting features which are encorporated into the system are :-

IPTV Player (Android)

- No Advertisements
- Quick loading
- Auto Play
- Last channel recall
- Standalone
- Fully encrypted
- Non Web-based
- Auto-pairing with CMS
- Volume Control
- EPG Display
- Display Resolution/frame/bitrate

We will of course add more features, which we hope will make the whole IPTV experience, much more enjoyable !


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