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07/10/2017 6:45 am  

Discussion on how to install the APK (Android App) onto your device.

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7 days free trial

The process is very simple by following 5 easy steps ...

1) - First download the APK (only compatible android touch screen device) via this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EazyTv2

2) - Install the APP on your android touch-screen device

3) - Run the APP, and below the words ’Register Now!’ will be shown, click on that !

You will then be directed to a landing page where you will be given the option to enter your details.

Name, E-mail, and Agent Code 3A78CB

4) - To register for your 7 day free trial account, press ’submit’ - that’s it !

"Success!" - So long as your not already in the system, you will immediately be supplied login details for the Android APP & Control Panel (middleware)

In addition, an email will also be sent confirming your login details

Press the back button on your android to go to the previous log in screen.

5) log in with your android device with your given user name and password, and press "LOGIN"

Thereafter, log into the control panel portal via this link -


Again, with the given user name and password

PLEASE NOTE: this solution currently only works with an android touch-screen device, other platforms will follow.

TIP: If you tried to log in before and were unsuccessful, it may be helpful to clear your cache on your android. Clearing the cache on the APP can be found in your settings menu.

Find our APP on your device and clear the cache. Alternatively you can always uninstall and then re-install the application.

If you still have problems logging in or if your already in the system, then please just send us an email: [email protected]



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