No doubt many have been in our position where your ardiously create a Facebook page and spent hours, days, months to enrich and contribute some informative content, when all of sudden it’s been suspended due to a complaint. Naturally, if the complaint is warranted, then of course Facebook are obliged to act. But if it’s a false or non-justifyable complaint, and you have been reported for some unexplained reason, for just the purpose of say removing your page, then that’s an entirely different issue.

It does seem that the pendulum is firmly swinging in favour of the of the party that filed the complaint. In-other-words, regardless whether your in the right or wrong, Facebook have relinquished their responsibility, in passing the buck. You then have to battle with the party that made the original complaint, and it’s fair to say they will certainly abstain from doing you any favours it seems, and therefore the scales of fairness are heavily weighed against you.

Putting it in simple terms, anyone with a Facebook page can have their page removed.

Naturally there is always a risk of putting information directly is in the hands of others. Having said, I do think Facebook should be more impartial in giving both sides of the story a chance, not just wash it’s hands, and walk away.