FAQ – How do I get started ?

If your reading this page, your probably wondering how our system works?

Here’s a few easy pointers to get you started, quickly and easily !


Part 1 –  Eazy IPTV Player (app)


Ok, well the first part is the really easy bit … the Eazy IPTV Player (which is an Android application) simply installs onto your Android device.

Just download the app at google play, here’s the link. 

(You need at least version 4.03 or later to install this app)

Then run the app and then you can register. Enter a few details, and (if your not already in our system)  you will be given a user name and password for both the IPTV Player and the Control Panel (middleware). This information will also be sent to your registered email.

Once registered, run the IPTV Player app to login, it’s that simple!



Part 2 Control Panel (middleware)

login website (upload your playlist)

The second part, the (control panel) will handle all your playlist content. 

All you have to do is to go to this website login page

Login with the second username and password, and press submit.


 How do I use the Eazy IPTV Player ?


The IPTV Player is very simple to use 

                                  – Features

The moment you open the app on your Android, the system will automatically recall the active playlist you previously loaded in your control panel. After a few moments, the channel list will appear on the screen of your Android device. The Eazy IPTV Player will also start playing automatically.



NO Advertisements

Quick loading
Auto Play
Last channel recall
– Standalone (not reliant on third-party players)
Fully encrypted
Non Web-based
Auto-pairing with CMS (control panel)
Volume Control
EPG Display
Display Resolution/frame/bitrate